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Civil, Criminal and PCSOT Services performed throughout the state of Idaho and Eastern Washington.

Polygraph examinations are used to VERIFY THE TRUTH, rather than the general misconception of being a “lie-detector”.


Ms. Mulvihill offers expert clinical polygraph services to assist in the evaluation, behavioral monitoring, and supervision of both juveniles and adults who have committed sexual offenses, and as an investigative tool.

Ms. Mulvihill is committed to the ethically sound and scientific use of the polygraph, and strives to work closely with all professionals, including supervising officers, treatment providers, psycho diagnostic evaluators, investigators, child/victim advocates, and other court-appointed or legal advocates in order to provide results that can accurately inform decisions pertaining to investigations, clinical treatment planning, supervision, diagnostics/evaluation, and risk assessment/risk-management.

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    BA in Business Management

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    Graduate of the Arizona School of Polygraph Science Certified and current in Post-Conviction Sex Offender testing

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    Affiliated with American Polygraph Association (APA)

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    Member of the Association for the Treatment of Sexual Abusers (ATSA)

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    Maintains Post-Convicted Sex Offender Testing Credentials (PCSOT) and Advanced Post-Convicted Sex Offender Testing Training

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    Approved Provider by the Idaho Sexual Offender Management Board (SOMB)


What we can do for you...

We offer a full range of polygraph services including the following:

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    Periodic / Maintenance Screening of Post Conviction Sexual Offenders

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    Arson, Assault, Drug Investigation, Sex Crimes

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    Litigation Support (Private Polygraph of Attorney's Own Client)

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    Criminal Investigations

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    Pre-Employment Screening


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